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Subject: WELCOME
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strawfox 12.04.10 - 07:04am
Please feel free to chat about any topics you listen to or read about on Coast to Coast AM *

neilmrtn 12.04.10 - 07:41am
Thanks bro Mr.Fox *

funtush2 12.04.10 - 08:55am
wave.GIF mr.fox n neil *

critical 12.04.10 - 09:40am
what time is mr noory on for the 4 hours he broadcasts ? *

strawfox 12.04.10 - 09:52am
idea.GIF i'll post his time and days here. noory (coast to coast ) starts at 6 am uk time *

neilmrtn 12.04.10 - 09:57am
Thanks Funtush2, wave.GIF hello critical and Mr.fox .. *

neilmrtn 12.04.10 - 09:58am
Mr.Fox Post something more about this coast to coast am .. So that we know more about this.. *

funtush2 12.04.10 - 12:33pm
wave.GIF hiya critical *

rnbchar 12.04.10 - 01:15pm
6a.m to 2pm daily for usa woo hoo. Someone got my attention on coast to coast am lol its so real its scary hehe.GIF


critical 12.04.10 - 11:13pm
art bell was on sa ay and ian punnett was on sunday and monday *

critical 12.04.10 - 11:16pm
6am till 2pm thats 8 hours chin.GIF i get 4 hours worth after its edited with out the adverts etc theres 2 hours of talking left *

critical 12.04.10 - 11:17pm

Ian Punnett

David Bellavia, Max Hardberger

critical 12.04.10 - 11:17pm
Former Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia discussed his experiences on the front lines of the Iraq War, as well as commented on the 'Collateral Murder' video (WARNING: Graphic images and language)?.

Maritime Repo Man
In the first hour, Captain Max Hardberger spoke about his dangerous work recovering stolen ships.

shineboy 13.04.10 - 05:08am
read.GIF hell0 all. *

matt1230 13.04.10 - 06:00am
thanks for the invite fox...hello all *

strawfox 13.04.10 - 06:52am
wave.GIF hi ya matt glad you joined. that goes for the rest of you too. hope we all can make this group work well. *

strawfox 13.04.10 - 06:58am
music4.GIF I turned on my radio... in the middle of the night... and i heard things i need to know.... now i can see the light... and i think i seen a ghost.... when listening to coast to coast *

critical 14.04.10 - 12:34pm
what about jeff rense what time does he broadcast over there *

strawfox 15.04.10 - 05:10am
jeff is on M-F 7 to 10 PST with a refeed 10 to 1 PST and a sunday encore 7 to 10 PST *

strawfox 22.08.10 - 10:48pm
jRAKrFwRPA68YvB89YhO.gif *

shineboy 17.09.10 - 06:32am
Ghost.GIFtoghost.GIFhehe.GIF((fox)) *

ur.fairy 27.10.10 - 06:28am
These are my creationz Sir... Do u lyk dem?? smileyez.GIF


ur.fairy 27.10.10 - 06:29am

3GrSHRQoutM8jyEaEjk5.gif *

ur.fairy 27.10.10 - 06:33am
will u add all these graphicz sir?? hehe lol.GIF
yRaaH88N12x5VA5At5KG.gif *

ur.fairy 27.10.10 - 06:37am
Sir, I added nearly 7 FAIRIES. hehe.GIF Nw its ur choice. THANK U Sir
8Zq3wEuu493RFN6Le2Um.gif *

strawfox 27.10.10 - 06:54am
i'll see if i can get one added as a clip. their all good fairy *

ur.fairy 27.10.10 - 07:13am
Awww oKay sir
UQMCQG60spuaAmna1RB1.gif *

ur.fairy 29.10.10 - 07:20am
waiting.GIF Thx in advance sir hehe.GIF *

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