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Subject: Shows for March 12 to 17
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strawfox 11.03.11 - 05:42am
Hosted by Ian Punnett

Dr. Andrew Newberg, Neil Burger

Sa ay March 12, 2011

Ian Punnett welcomes neuroscientist Andrew Newberg for a discussion on how meditation and prayer helps memory and improves the aging brain. First hour guest, director Neil Burger, talks about his new film Limitless, which explores the possibility of using 100% of your brain's power.

6-10pm PT: Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returns to June 27, 1997, when David Oates discussed the world of reverse speech.

Hosted by Whitley Strieber

Mark Booth

Sunday March 13, 2011

Guest host Whitley Strieber (email) is joined by Professor Mark Booth who'll discuss the history of the world interpreted in a way which is almost completely opposite of the way we normally understand.

Hosted by George Noory

Kevin Malarkey, J. Marvin Herndon

Monday March 14, 2011

First Half: After a horrific car accident that paralyzed his six year old son in 2004, Kevin Malarkey witnessed extraordinary reports from his son about the boy's meetings with Jesus, angels, and visits to heaven.

Second Half: Trained as both a physicist and a chemist, Dr. Marvin Herndon will discuss his scientific research on the composition of Earth, its magnetism, and the origins of oil.

Hosted by George Noory

Neil Slade

Tuesday March 15, 2011

14 years ago Neil Slade came on Coast to Coast AM to talk about the function of part of the brain called the amygdala, and only now is the science community talking about this new discovery. Find out how to stimulate the part of your brain that controls anti-anxiety, anti-fear, and your advanced positive emotions.

Hosted by George Noory

Wednesday March 16, 2011

George Noory hosts guest(s) TBA.

Hosted by George Noory

Michio Kaku

Thursday March 17, 2011

Theoretical physicist, best selling author, and popularizer of science, Dr. Michio Kaku will discuss string field theory and Einstein's search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory, as well as the latest science stories in the news. *

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