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Subject: March 18 to 25
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strawfox 19.03.11 - 04:21am

Schedule for 03.18.11 - 03.25.11
Hosted by George Noory

Barry Conrad, Open Lines

Friday March 18, 2011

Producer, cameraman & writer, Barry Conrad, will discuss his investigation into a haunting in San Pedro, California. Followed by Open Lines.

Hosted by Ian Punnett

Bart Ehrman

Sa ay March 19, 2011

Ian Punnett will be joined by author Bart Ehrman for a discussion on how many ancient writings, including those in the bible, might have actually been forged.

From 6-10 pm PT, Art Bell: Somewhere in Time journeys back to September 24, 1999, when theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, told Art that one day we will just ask the internet questions and it will answer us.

Hosted by George Knapp

William Hartung, Rahasya Poe

Sunday March 20, 2011

In the first half, George Knapp welcomes William Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation, for a discussion on how Lockheed Martin has shaped US foreign policy for decades.

In the second half, author Rahasya Poe will talk about the consequences of maintaining beliefs that are simply out of touch with logic, experience, and todays scientific knowledge.

Hosted by George Noory

Jason Martell

Monday March 21, 2011

Author and researcher Jason Martell will discuss why many ancient cultures tracked cyclical patterns based on reoccurring astronomical cycles and how learning these patterns may tell us more about what is in store for our future.

Hosted by George Noory

Tuesday March 22, 2011

George Noory hosts guest(s) TBA.

Hosted by George Noory

David Icke, Sterling D. Allan

Wednesday March 23, 2011

In the first half, controversial author David Icke will discuss what's behind the curtain of world events, political manipulation, the future of money, and forecast for the world wide stage for 2011.

In the second half, researcher Sterling D. Allan will introduce some amazing free energy technologies which could have the potential to eliminate the need for oil, nuclear, and other polluting energy sources.

Hosted by George Noory

Jon Rappoport

Thursday March 24, 2011

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport will discuss how genetic engineering of human beings will change the composition of humanity for all time creating two classes of humans - the elite and the drones, using patented genes.

Hosted by Ian Punnett

Friday March 25, 2011

Filling in for George, Ian Punnett hosts first hour guest(s) TBA. Followed by Open Lines.


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