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Subject: March 26 to April 01
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strawfox 26.03.11 - 04:14am
Hosted by Ian Punnett

Daniel Drezner, Steven Yeun

Sa ay March 26, 2011

Joining Ian Punnett, Daniel Drezner, professor of international politics at Tufts University, will examine how political leaders would react to a world-wide Zombie as*ault. In the first half-hour, actor Steven Yeun talks about his role as Glenn in the TV series, The Walking Dead.

6-10pm PT: Art Bell - Somewhere in Time returns to July 20, 1999, when Albert Taylor offered tips on how to astral travel.

Hosted by George Knapp

Alejandro Rojas, Antonio Huneeus, Robert M. Knight

Sunday March 27, 2011

Joining George Knapp, ufologists from OpenMinds.TV, Alejandro Rojas and Antonio Huneeus, will discuss their deep knowledge and understanding of the UFO phenomenon.

First Hour: Robert Knight, who has photographed and interviewed dozens of the biggest names in rock and roll, says many of these musicians have UFO stories to tell.

Hosted by George Noory

Eldon Taylor

Monday March 28, 2011

A doctor of Psychology and Metaphysics, Eldon Taylor will discuss his studies of mind control and brainwashing, as well as his work with subliminal suggestion, reverse speech, and how marketers exploit our minds for profit.

Hosted by George Noory

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Various experts in the field of cryptozoology will discuss the latest findings and technology in the search for Bigfoot.

Hosted by George Noory

Clint Marsh

Wednesday March 30, 2011

Expert in psychic powers and mentalism, Clint Marsh, will discuss the various ways people reach into the unknown including crystal gazing, astral travel, telepathy, spirit communication and thought transference, as well as daily exercises that can enhance paranormal ability.

Hosted by George Noory

Linda Moulton Howe

Thursday March 31, 2011

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe will share updates on the BP Oil spill, the world's first macro-sized quantum computer, solar max cycles, and the 2008 sighting of a mysterious aerial craft in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Hosted by George Noory

Michael Clarkson, Open Lines

Friday April 1, 2011

In the first half, investigative reporter Michael Clarkson (book link) talks about his research into poltergeists and paranormal phenomena. Followed by Open Lines. *

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